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Harkat Prestasi

Harkat Prestasi is incorporated 12 June 2013. Located at Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

Harkat Prestasi position as System Integrator for ICT, focus on network and application testing solution, cloud managed enterprise network solution and software development solution.

Harkat Prestasi provides clients with a wide range of ICT solutions from planning, building and managing.

Our broad range of capabilities, including consulting and network and application testing solutions allow us to providing clients with solutions they need to meet their strategic business objectives.



We provide a cloud-managed edge and branch-networking solutions simplify enterprise- class network.

Wireless, switching, security, and devices are centrally managed from the cloud. It gives network administrators visibility and control, without the cost and complexity or traditional architectures.


We provide a customized software solution that helps customer to cater a variety of business needs.

We offer our highly experienced and skilled custom software development consultants and custom software developers to conduct a feasibility study, performing gap analysis and system analysis, designing system architecture, coding, implementing, and test commissioning and maintaining the system.


We provide a complex testing solution from layer 2 to layer 7 spanning multiple technologies and product to verify and validate customer hardware and application deployment.

Network Audit & Security Posture Assessment (SPA) Services

Network Audit is an Intuitive drill-down to understand which nodes are communicating, which protocols and sub-protocols are being transmitted, and which traffic characteristics are affecting network performance. Network audit enables data capture and analysis at all critical network nodes – simultaneously LAN, Gigabit, 10Gb, WAN & Wireless.

Security Posture Assessment is a process intended to reveal flaws in the security mechanisms of an information system that protect data and maintain functionality as intended which cover as much as security points exist in an organization.


Interested in a career at Harkat Prestasi , but can't find any positions that interest you? Email us at helo@harkat.com.my to let us know what you are looking for. Harkat is always seeking talented individuals who want to become part of a company